The package includes:

  • BOLDscreen high definition 24" LCD display
  • MR-Confon HP SI01 stereo headphones
  • MR-Confon Amp 04 DSP headphone amplifier
  • MR-Confon DM 04 conversation microphone
  • Compact Entertainment Hub to manage all your video and audio files

Guide Price: £17500

SKU: M0134


MR Confon easy04 package for MRI/fMRI consisting of:

  • CONFON HP S1 01 – left/right MR safe headphones integrated into ear mufflers for passive gradient noise dampening, together with a complete set of MR safe cables, feed through, and filter/transformer-boxes.
  • CONFON cushion 02 – a TEMPUR foam cushion for optimal fixation of the patient's head and for further passive dampening.
  • CONFON amp04 – a matched audio amplifier for the headphones with an optical SPDIF-input and output, a programmable DSP, together with a serial cable and a power supply, certified for use in medical environments.
  • CONFON dm04 – a smart desktop microphone for communication between the MRI operator and the patient and for controlling some basic functions (i.e. volume, balance) of the CONFON amp04.