The package includes:

  • BOLDscreen high definition 24" LCD display with trolley
  • Prism Glasses for in-bore viewing
  • BOLDfonic audio package
  • Compact Entertainment Hub to manage all your video and audio files

Guide Price: £26500

SKU: M0134

Designed specifically for MRI, BOLDscreen produces high brightness, high resolution, saturated images, and can be positioned anywhere in the scanner room, including at either end of the bore.


  • 24" 1920 x 1200 full colour H-IPS LCD running at fixed 60Hz frame rate
  • Digital DVI video input delivers high fidelity noise-free displays


  • Compatible with 1.5T and 3T scanners
  • View using standard headcoil mounted mirrors or prism glasses
  • Images can be viewed flipped or inverted
  • All aluminium enclosure provides passive cooling and MR safe shielding
  • 20m fibre optic cable between the control room host computer and the enclosure guarantees artifact free scans
  • Low voltage DC power supply for controlled, safe installation inside the scanner room
  • VESA compatible mounting points enable fixed installation on the wall at the rear of the scanner
  • Height and tilt adjustable trolley for flexible positioning of your BOLDscreen