The package includes:

  • BOLDscreen high definition 24" LCD display with trolley
  • Prism Glasses for in-bore viewing
  • BOLDfonic audio package
  • Compact Entertainment Hub to manage all your video and audio files

Guide Price: £26500

SKU: M0134

Hear the Difference

You wouldn't listen to the music on your iPhone with a stethoscope connected to its speaker.... Yet, most MRI-compatible headphones offer just that; audio piped to the participant down long, acoustic tubes. The result? Awful sound quality with restricted frequency response.

Hear for yourself in our 48 second demo:

BOLDfonic includes everything you need for high-quality audio delivery in the MR:

  • A pair of electro-dynamic headphones. Various options are available to suit different types and sizes of headcoils.
  • A set of earphones to accommodate even the the tightest of headcoils
  • Fully–loaded amplifier system which supports multiple signal sources and can drive two sets of headphones in parallel.
  • AudioFile USB sound processor with automated synchronous triggering capabilities
  • Desktop microphone for communication from the technologist. Ask us about our optional bi-directional communication feature which use the noise-cancelling Optoacoustics FORM-III participant microphone. Compact monitor speakers are included too, so you can always hear the same audio as your participant.