The package includes:

  • BOLDscreen high definition 24" LCD display with trolley
  • Prism Glasses for in-bore viewing
  • BOLDfonic audio package
  • Compact Entertainment Hub to manage all your video and audio files

Guide Price: £26500

SKU: M0134

Our complete made for MRI Patient Entertainment Systemis safe to use with any 1.5T or 3T MRI system and can be sited at either end of the bore. The system includes a BOLDscreen MR safe LCD display, BOLDfonic audio system and Entertainment Hub computer.

Patients can watch DVDs, listen to music, or look at a slideshow of photographs. The compact, small form factor Entertainment Hub computer is located in the MRI control room and is connected directly to the display and audio system; its high-resolution display precisely mirrors the images presented to the patient and the built-in speakers repeat the audio stream heard by the patient.