LiveTrack AV for fMRI


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LiveTrack AV for fMRI is an affordable video eye tracking system which provides real-time estimates of eye rotation, Direction of Gaze coordinates and pupil size. A live video stream from the eye tracking camera is available concurrently with the data so you can visually monitor and check your observer's behaviour throughout the experiment.

Note: the indicated Guide Price is for the monocular configuration and includes one opto-mechanical mount.

M0203 LiveTrack AV Datasheet M0203 LiveTrack AV Datasheet

Guide Price: £16500

SKU: M0203

In the three examples shown below, the MR safe cameras, which have integrated infrared illumination sources, are positioned behind a large, MR safe cold mirror. Cold mirrors are special optical components that are coated with a dichroic filter. This reflects visible light while transmitting infrared wavelengths. Our optical arrangement allows the cameras to be optimally aligned in direct line of sight of the observer's eyes, but at the same time hidden behind the mirror outside the observer's field of view. The cameras can unobtrusively image each eye using infrared light through the mirror, while the observer views a visual stimulus behind their head using the same mirror.


Siemens 8 channel

Siemens (Invivo) 8 channel (same mount works for GE and Philips versions of the Invivo made coil).
Shown with one camera for monocular tracking.


Siemens 12 channel (Head Matrix Coil)

Siemens 12 channel (Head Matrix Coil).
Shown with two cameras for binocular tracking.


Siemens 32 channel

Siemens 32 channel.
Shown with two cameras for binocular tracking.


Siemens 64 channel

Siemens 64 channel.
Shown with one cameras for monocular tracking.

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